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Aging is one of the most challenging parts of life, especially as aging adults start to depend on others for daily routines but would prefer to keep living in their own home. It is possible to get long-term care or moderate assistance without moving your loved ones into a senior living facility. Most families prefer to hire in-home care for their loved ones.

Home care provides freedom for older adults, while making things easier and safer for their families. But how much does home care actually cost? Let’s take a look at that here.

What is Home Care?

Home care is non-medical caregiving that enables older adults to live safely in their home. The demand for home care is rising significantly as more adults prefer to live at home instead of a senior facility or other option. One common home care misconception is that it only is a resource for older adults with an illness. On the contrary, home care may be provided to people of all ages suffering from illness or recovering from an injury, as well as older adults without illness who are looking for companionship. Home care includes assistance in daily life work such as bathing, preparing meals, shopping or even doing activities to stay fit- tasks that benefit a wide range of people.

Unlike a nursing home, home care may provide the emotional bonding that older adults are missing. Home care aides are available from around 2 hours a week to 24/7 assistance.

Depending on the needs of the client, popular home care services may include:

  • Transportation
  • Housekeeping, laundry, washing dishes, or preparing a meal
  • Managing medication
  • Companionship to get rid of loneliness
  • Assistance in doing daily life activities such as bathing, walking, traveling, etc.
  • Supervision and mobility assistance

Home Care Services Cost

Ok- so what does it actually cost?

Costs of course vary depending on the clients needs and length of visits. The cost can further vary depending on your loved one’s location. The general cost of in-home care is $10,000+ per month in the United States. Keeping in mind that the cost for the home care is generalized, therefore, it can be less expensive depending on the city you live in and the services you choose.

You don’t need to face the costs on your own. Several methods are available to help with home care payment. 

1.   Private Insurance

Perhaps the great resource in home care assistance are insurance policies. Clients who have long-term private or life insurance policies are eligible for in-home care support. Please contact your insurance provider for more information about your plan.

2.   Medicaid

Seniors that are eligible to get Medicaid may be able to get in-home care services free of cost. With some proof that a loved one requires home care attention, they may be able to receive Medicaid assistance.

3.   Medicare

Patients who need skilled nursing care and/or therapy services are eligible for Medicare. Basic home care services may not be covered, so make sure you check with your provider.

4.   Mortgage Loans

Adults over the age of 62 years have the option to take mortgage loans for their medical and home care expenses. A reversed mortgage loan may be issued to the eligible adults to assist with payment of home care providers so they receive uninterrupted home care services.

Is Home Care right for me?

If you are still left with questions, please call out expert today to discuss any of your concerns. Finding home care may seem like an overwhelming decision, but you can take baby steps towards it by calling us with any questions.