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Hospice care in San Diego is for those who need comfort and support when they’re seriously ill and unlikely to live more than six months, weeks, or days. Often it is the right decision to receive hospice care if the health care provider believes that an individual will not live past six months due to a progressive and persistent illness such as lung cancer, congestive heart failure, or AIDS.


Hospice care is a wonderful and often underserved choice for those facing life-limiting illnesses and conditions. It has the potential to promote a “peaceful passageway” experience as well as relieve the family burden and stress associated with end-of-life care. Studies show that many people prefer to die at home, yet each year 40% of Americans do not receive any hospice or community support services as they die

Difference Between Medicare And Hospice?

Healthcare has become more convenient with Medicare and Hospice. Medicare and Hospice care are vital to many older adults. Medicare covers services regardless of where they are performed. It may even pay to send you or your loved one to another facility or bring hospice services to your home.


Is the cost of hospice covered by Medicare? In most instances, yes, but there are a few exceptions. It’s important to be aware of the coverage limitations before beginning hospice care. Once you qualify for hospice benefits, Medicare pays for medically necessary care.


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The Best Hospice Care Service In San Diego

Our hospice care programs in San Diego are designed around the specific needs of patients and families. We work side-by-side with individuals and their families to help them make the most of the time they have remaining by supporting all needs, spiritual, emotional, social, physical, and practical. We provide a wide range of hospice care services and support to help patients and families cope with serious diseases. Planning for what you want at the end of life is a critical step.


In San Diego, hospice care centers ensure each person has access to quality pain relief, comfort care, symptom management, and emotional support. We also provide emotional support on end-of-life issues such as grief, anger, and fear. Our in-home hospice care provides round-the-clock medical care and support from our professionals. The goal is to prolong life while offering comfort and pain management support.


At Finding Homecare, we understand that people face many challenges with hospice care in San Diego. We are here to listen, support, advocate and guide you through this process with compassion and dignity. We are registered with Medicare and Medicaid to make sure that your hospice care in San Diego is covered.

Seniors In-Home Hospice Care For Elderly

In some instances, people find themselves preparing to
say goodbye just as they had hoped to stay with their loved ones. Our Hospice
team strives to help patients and family members manage their illness and
understand what to expect along the journey. Our San Diego hospice care
services are provided at the patient’s home by an interdisciplinary team of
medical professionals. We ensure we will be there even more than when we first
came, and we will always treat you with the utmost dignity and respect.


San Diego hospice care is available to help patients
with cancer, chronic illnesses, and other life-limiting diseases live
comfortably in the final stages of their lives. Our goal is to provide an extra
layer of comfort for patients and their families that benefit from helping
doctors treat the disease. Medical professionals can pursue aggressive
treatment options if they are available, knowing that they are providing
hospice care to patients whose health is gradually declining.


A person will survive between three and six months after being kept on hospice care and receiving round-the-clock palliative care. Hospice caregivers strive to make patients as pain-free and comfortable as possible.

Hospice care is designed to help your loved one with daily living activities such as bathing, grooming, and dressing. Hospice care may be provided at home or in a care facility such as a nursing home, assisted living, or adult daycare facility, depending on the patient’s comfort and safety needs. 

Hospice services are primarily for people who have exhausted all other treatments and/or wish to avoid further medical treatment. To be eligible, patients must have a serious illness with limited life expectancy, usually 6 months or less.

Are You Looking For A Trusted hospice care service For Your Elderly Parent?

We at Finding Homecare provide a hospice facility in California. If you are looking for hospice care at home for elderly parents, contact us today.

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An HdzAn Hdz
05:07 19 May 22
Lindsay has a very active reliable page, at least in my personal experience I found work on her page with some very good people who I had the opportunity to help at a time when they needed it most.🙂 Thank you Lindsay
Maria SumrallMaria Sumrall
15:46 11 May 22
My mom and brother both needed assistance in the home for different ailments. We called so many agencies but knowone ever stepped up to the plate. We heard about Lindsay Polis and her services regarding vetting a caregiver that could accommodate both my family members. Her service and compassion were incredible!! I would highly recommend Finding Homecare LLC
Sudha ShanSudha Shan
02:56 11 May 22
I highly recommend Lindsay’s services as I feel it is the most important service you are providing for your loved ones in time of a need.I would totally give Lindsay to choose the right caregiver for my family member as I trust her judgment in choosing the right candidate.I am grateful for her services💜☮️💜☮️💜☮️💜☮️
Eric Gilbert (Aidan)Eric Gilbert (Aidan)
18:28 10 May 22
I’m a relatively new 6 bed or board and care owner. I don’t have a background in this type of business. I wanted to get in this business because I thought I could help eliminate redundancies and maximize efficiency with an eye toward making sure whatever people came into my orbit were better for it. I had a blind spot though. I didn’t truly understand the nature and cultural nuisances of the care market, and the care givers that occupy this market place.It was my good fortune that I ran into Lindsay, for she is a true pro. I’m talking impeccable follow up and follow through. I’m talking skill to know how to massage and finesse certain situations. Her intuition and instincts have served me well. This is what I mean: me as a new owner, has many things to consider. But whenever I deal with Lindsay it’s a different experience. I trust her knowledge and judgement. She isn’t just a referral source, or never ending pool of terrifically talented and deeply caring caregivers, she is an extension of me. She sees the big picture, helps me navigate and plot my course and is invested in my success. She has no equal.
Grace LooGrace Loo
04:00 10 May 22
I want to thank Finding Home Care for their exemplary service and extra ordinary care of my relative. Not only did they do what they said they will do, but they went above and beyond all expectations. The most important they for me was to have my relative have a happier life. They provided the love and support that made this possible. The owner and director Lindsay Erin Polis is totally recommended the price is fair. Especially the quality of service. Highly recommend their service to any family that needs a hand taking care of an elderly patient.
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