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MS Care

The challenges for loved ones needing MS care may feel vast and insurmountable. Multiple Sclerosis is unpredictable and may vary widely from person to person. Each person’s MS condition may change from day to day, so an MS caregiver must be prepared for all situations. At Finding HomeCare, we match you with caregivers who are able to assist with these challenges and able to support daily activities, health monitoring and socialization to enable you and your loved one to manage tasks that are no longer easy to do.

The professional, well-trained caregivers we find must also be prepared for flare-ups and any changes in the MS patient. Knowing how to care for MS and its various challenges, is key for the caregivers we select for the job. Let Finding HomeCare assist your family and loved one today by offering support and companionship through the right caregiver selection.

Get the Best MS Care Assistance for Your loved one.

In the U.S., approximately 400,000 people are living with MS, a chronic neurological disease that affects the central nervous system. Most people with MS will experience various symptoms, including fatigue, numbness and tingling, muscle weakness and spasms, vision problems, dizziness and loss of balance, bladder difficulties, and impaired bowel function. Every day, people living with MS face the challenge of unpredictable symptoms. Millions of people are affected by MS, a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system.


People with Multiple Sclerosis were isolated for too many years, afraid that their symptoms would make them appear sick or weird. Now they know that there is hope – that there is joy in knowing that there are others like them. Meeting the right people along the way means more than words can say. People who will laugh with them when they laugh; who will journey with them towards a hopeful future; and who understand what it’s like to live life full-out.

The Best Multiple Sclerosis Care In San Diego

We understand that being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis can be a real shock to both you and your family, resulting in feelings of uncertainty, confusion, and worry. We are here to walk you through it, from diagnosis to management plans to enable you to live as comfortable a life as possible.


We have a wealth of experience working with MS sufferers and their families, a proven record of providing a consistent and dedicated service, and a reputation for going the extra mile. Every person we hire is fully trained to care for people living with MS, allowing our staff to provide outstanding services and care and support to your loved ones.


Our nursing care for MS patients can help with tasks such as; medication management, personal care, dressing; grooming; memory aids; budgeting; social stimulation, mobility support, and many more. We work with individuals to materially improve their quality of life for as long as possible. We aim to not only provide the highest quality person-centered care but also to make this transition as stress-free as possible.


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Reliable Home Care For MS Patients In San Diego

The right care can make all the difference, and at Finding Homecare, that is exactly what you will receive. Whether for personal or professional reasons that you need full-time or part-time support, our highly trained team is here for you.


Our dedicated team is fully-trained to deliver care for people living with Multiple Sclerosis or those who are caring for someone with the disease. With a variety of tailor-made services available, our expertly matched professionals are able to help you maintain an independent lifestyle. Getting the right help is the first step to coping with MS. We’re here to make things easy.


Most individuals with MS have the same life expectancy as long as those who do not have MS, although the illness might affect their everyday lives. The changes will be small for some individuals. MS may impact individuals in a number of ways. Some individuals have signs that increase with time, whereas others’ signs develop in phases.

Many patients with multiple sclerosis (MS) use massage to avoid or relieve the following signs and symptoms: Spasticity – Massage can assist ease muscles and increase the effectiveness of regular activities. Pain – Massage is beneficial in any situation where a decrease in swelling or movement of tissues relieves pain.

There is no conclusive proof that stress trigger MS. But, stress can make it hard to control MS conditions. Many individuals claim that stress worsened their MS symptoms. MS physical therapy can help strengthen your muscles.

Are You Looking For A Trusted Home Care For MS Patients?

We at Finding Homecare provide MS Care services in San Diego. If you are looking for home care for MS patients for elderly parents, contact us today.