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Finding HomeCare: Let us Vet and Qualify a Caregiver for YOU or YOUR Loved One.

An AFFORDABLE Caregiving Placement Service

Finding HomeCare is a professional caregiving referral service to assist agencies, caregivers and families.

Operated and managed by Lindsay Polis, Finding HomeCare offers seasoned and experienced placement coordination that will optimize the right care match.

Looking for a caregiver? We can SAVE you Money!

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Lown 1934
Lown 1934
June 6, 2023
I can’t say enough about Lindsay Polis and her company. She knew we had a tight budget and e couldn’t afford a regular agencies ongoing fees . My parents were both in need of a caregiver for seperate reasons . Lindsay normally charged a fee per each hired caregiver; she went beyond what anyone we had spoken to in helping my parents and changing us for only one caregiver. Her matchmaking skills are incredible. The caregiver we hired has now become family . I am speechless as to what more I can say about her skills and kindness kn helping my family 😉
Paul Garza
Paul Garza
June 3, 2023
Lindsay Polis has the heart of gold with knowledge in the home care field….you want the best to help you… look no further…. 10☆ rating in my book
betty hyman
betty hyman
June 3, 2023
Lindsay Polis, was so kind , patient, understanding, very professional, she help me find a job, right away. She continually follows up until I got the job, I have never worked with a person so Dedicated in helping both the employee and employer. Thank you Lindsay so very much !!!!!!!❤️
Bruce Elvin
Bruce Elvin
May 7, 2023
Wow, Finding Home Care LLC is a game-changer! Top-notch caregiving placement service. I can’t thank Finding Home Care enough for their exceptional service. Life-saver!
Az Guy
Az Guy
April 18, 2023
Best homecare service in San Diego Ask for Lindsay..simply the best!
March 31, 2023
Techaun Watts
Techaun Watts
March 28, 2023
Lindsay is committed to providing the best care for her clients and also her caregivers. She has a very sweet personality. Thankful to have met her.
Jamie Villalobos
Jamie Villalobos
March 12, 2023
I feel confident writing this review because I have known Lindsay for over 15 years, I work in the home health industry and have referred many clients to Lindsay. Lindsay is professional, honest, caring, respectful and hardworking. She has worked as a caregiver herself and therefore understands the needs of both client and caregiver. Finding Homecare is a great resource so feel at peace choosing Lindsay to help!

Finding HomeCare LLC provides a customized service that is tailored to families’ needs.

Lindsay Polis - Profile & Credentials

Lindsay has over ten years of experience in taking care of patients with illnesses such as:  Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. Lindsay has first-hand experience of understanding the needs of both caregivers and their families in California.

Additionally, she has been successfully managing a Facebook public group by the name of CNA’s and Caregivers which is an amazing network of 7k+ active members in California, mainly composed of employers and caregivers within the healthcare ecosystem.

Finding HomeCare was created to encompass the success of previous caregiving services.  There is tremendous demand for providing a service that includes vetting and screening CNA’s and caregivers. Finding HomeCare LLC prides itself on matching the right caregiver to the right family member.  Lindsay’s services include the following:

  • Searching for caregivers
  • Matching qualifications
  • CPR & CNA license
  • Reviewing background checks
  • COVID-19 vaccination proof
  • Providing a reference

What Can Finding HomeCare Do For You?

Help With Assessing Your Caregiving Needs

Discussing you or your loved one’s ADL’s,   or Activities of Daily Living, helps Lindsay determine the necessary support needed and plan of action.

This includes self-care tasks such as personal hygiene, doctor’s appointments, med reminders, grooming, bathing, showering, getting dressed, toilet hygiene, mobility and transportation, meal prep, feeding and more.

Recruiting A Specialized Caregiver For You

Finding a specialized and suitable caregiver is no easy task.

Lindsay is specialized in searching, recruiting and qualifying the best caregivers to serve your individual caregiving needs.

We don’t leave anything untouched when it comes to the care of yourself or your loved ones.

Helping You Plan & Understand Your Caregiving Budget

Knowing how much you can afford to pay for caregiving assistance is important to know before you approach or hire any caregiving service provider or independent caregivers.

I can help you with an estimate of how much it will be to have a live in/live out/24 hour caregiving service depending on individual needs. 

Why Should You Choose Finding HomeCare?

Finding HomeCare provides the following when searching for a caregiver/caregiving service in California. We only charge a reasonable fee for the referrals provided, and we not only verify each caregiver/CNA certificate, but also verify that everything is up to date to ensure you have the best candidate.

Stress Free Search

I will help you find a qualified caregiver so you can avoid the hassle of a lengthy search. Having been a caregiver myself, I know how important it is to keep you updated through the recruitment search process. I will share suitable candidates with you, negotiate fees and finally dispense the best fit candidate for your service.

Background Checks

Before referring a qualified caregiver for your service, I ensure that they have been finger-printed to run a background check, they are fully vaccinated, and they have at least one reference from past employers. All you need to do is interview them! If they don’t meet your needs, I will send another candidate for your review.

No Hassles

I collect the required necessary documents from caregivers so you don't have to lift a finger. Included in these documents are a background check via live scan or an HCA ID, two past employer references, Covid vaccine status, CPR certification and more.

Documentation & Formalities

Once you find your desired caregiver, you receive all the documents and requirements of the CNA / caregiver with my support and assistance. After that, both parties will sign a waiver releasing me from any liability, and you will begin your journey together.

Finding The Right Caregiver Is Equally Important as that of the Caregiving Itself!

I help you connect with the best caregiver at a fair price.

Searching for a right caregiver is complex, time-consuming and stressful! I created this caregiving platform to empower care seekers and to simplify the search process. By using my network and direct communication, I can help you find a suitable caregiver based on your support and assistance needs.

The caregivers listed on Finding HomeCare are those that I personally recruited and handpicked, and they have been vetted based on their care quality, home culture and ethical practices. Still, a comprehensive background check, references check, vaccination certificate and more are all screened beforehand.

Support & Services

We will pair YOU with caregivers who provide services including, but not limited to:

Residential Home Care

Nursing Home Care

Cancer Home Care

Stroke Care

Personal Care

Companionship Care

How We Work

Personalize Search

Contact Lindsay with your care needs and budget, and Finding HomeCare LLC will help you find a suitable caregiver.

Compare Services

We provide you with all of the necessary information, but you may also explore other caregiving resources. Take a look at our blog for more helpful information.

Meticulous Screening

Direct communication with the caregivers allows Lindsay to hire responsible and trustworthy caregivers with the right personality and professional traits.

Request an Interview

Families can also request a resume of their chosen caregiver as well as a free consultation with Lindsay to better understand care requirements.​

Feel Confident

Once you’ve found your perfect match, Lindsay will personally support you through the rest of the process.

Hiring through Finding Homecare LLC

Other Homecare agency

i do all the leg work for familes agency memory cares RCFE
LEG Work 100%
i do all the vetting background checks .live scan , HCA, vaccinations, skill set, professional references
back ground check 100%
i charge only a one time fee to families, agencies, memory care and RCFE not ongoing. like an agency
Ont Time Fee 100%
i save people an average of 20.00 per hour ongoing when they use my service because of my one time fee
Saving Money 99%
i have no overhead except liability insurance
Liablity Insurance 91%
I’m a matchmaker, and I send somebody in the exact skill set for their loved ones on it
Matchmaker 91%
LEG Work 100%
Background Check 100%
Agecies charge anywhere from 25-45 an hour to utilize their caregivers
One Time Fee 29%
agecies charge anywhere from 25-45 an hour to utilize their caregivers
Saving Money 16%
agencies have to charge more because there overhead is very high
Liablity Insrurance 36%
send a person a warm body
Warm Body 36%
Caregiver Placement

Here at Finding HomeCare we Carefully Screened and Vetted Caregiver Referral Service

We were  created to encompass the success of previous caregiving services.

There is tremendous demand for providing a service that includes vetting and screening CNA’s and caregivers.

Finding HomeCare LLC prides itself on matching the right caregiver to the right family member.

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