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Stroke Care

Stroke Care

Caregivers for stroke patients know that this sudden change in you or your loved one’s life may be distressing to navigate. Stroke patients may be dealing with physical and perceptual changes as well as language deficits. Lasting changes may range from mild to severe.

Since so many daily activities and behaviors may be impacted by stroke, caregivers chosen for these jobs need to be ready for anything. Caregivers will need to be selected for patients with depression as well as physical care needs. Stroke survivors may need encouragement during home care and physical activities. Let Finding HomeCare deliver that special caregiver for your loved one.

Get the Best Stroke Care Assistance for Your Elderly Parent.

Today, stroke has become the fifth leading cause of death in the U.S. Stroke is also the leading cause of severe and long-term disability in working-age adults. People are at increased risk for stroke because of various medical conditions, including high blood pressure, with growing older. It is crucial to have the best stroke care services to reduce stroke risks and preserve the quality of life.


Readjusting to a lifestyle after a stroke can be challenging. You could be restless, worried about the future, or feel disappointed that this has happened to you or your loved ones. Recovering from a stroke is a lifelong process. People with stroke sometimes deal with secondary injuries, such as pain from improper movement, lasting consequences.


The Best Stroke Care Homecare In San Diego

At Finding Homecare Services, we can help you adjust to life after a stroke and overcome the long-term effects caused by the initial event. Finding Homecare can give the additional home care and assistance you require to deal with these issues. Our professional staff has considerable expertise in offering practical, psychological, and social services to assist you in living a healthy and meaningful life.


Our Stroke Care Services include trained professionals who will provide the care you need when you need it most. Our friendly, supportive staff offers both stroke physical therapy and occupational services to assist with the everyday tasks of living. We will work closely with you to reach your goals, along the way providing exercise programs, healthy meals, transportation to/from appointments, educational activities, counseling services, music therapy, and more.


Find the help you need to live your life with less stress and more confidence by contacting Finding Homecare Assistance in San Diego. If you’re caring for a loved one with a stroke, our Stroke Care services in California can help your loved ones get back to an active, healthy life. Most insurances, Medicare and Medicaid, cover our services. We can be reached 24/7 in an emergency. 

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San Diego Stroke Care For Seniors During Recovery

We can handle numerous issues that families might experience, such as care for an elderly or disabled family member, respite care for a parent, and other homecare services. Each and every case is unique – we take the time to get to know you, your family, and your situation.


We provide service at your home, apartment, nursing homes, group homes, rehabilitation centers, assisted living facilities, or other residential settings. We provide individualized services according to your needs and physical abilities. We specialize in caring for seniors who are adjusting to aging changes and wish to stay at home without putting strain on their family members.

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Reliable In-Home Stroke Care For Seniors In San Diego

Our approach to stroke patient care services is centered on aiding patients and their families through the potential obstacles of this disease. With the assistance of our experienced staff, you can get help with reaching your health care goals without having to struggle through alone. Our nursing care for stroke patients in-home services assist clients through the recovery process and develop a care plan specific to each condition. By working with your medical team, we can provide additional assistance with activities of daily living, such as bathing, dressing, eating, and transferring.


Our Finding Homecare offers the peace of mind of knowing someone is with you in your home 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It provides companionship and relieves the burden of staying in the hospital. Hospitals are stressful environments for stroke patients, who often return to hospitals after discharge for post-stroke complications.


Many stroke Elderly patients need six to twelve months of focused, intensive rehabilitation. Elderly patients, on the other hand, can keep improving their mental, emotional, and physical functioning even years after they begin rehabilitation.

A patient care, such as showering and changing, preparing the meal, is provided—coordination of health-care requirements, such as medicine and doctor’s appointments and therapy. Manage your funds and insurance. Assist the patient in making their life easier.

There are many elements of home care that can directly help you or you and your spouse or partner. Home care is not only designed to support you directly, but also provides extra reassurance for family members that aren’t always available to support you, knowing that you are receiving the help you need.

Are You Looking For A Trusted Stroke Care Service For Your Elderly Parent?

Adults over the age of 80 are recovering faster than ever before because of sophisticated medical tests and therapies. Other than age, the chances of recovering from a stroke are determined by numerous conditions. The elderly aged 80 and over benefit from being surrounded by people who can help them recover.

Caregiver Placement

Here at Finding HomeCare we Carefully Screened and Vetted Caregiver Referral Service

We were  created to encompass the success of previous caregiving services.

There is tremendous demand for providing a service that includes vetting and screening CNA’s and caregivers.

Finding HomeCare LLC prides itself on matching the right caregiver to the right family member.

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