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Companionship home care is a service for those looking for a companion for a loved ones, whether they are older adults, disabled or are just in need of friendship.

Here at Finding HomeCare LLC, we can help you provide that emotional support and nonclinical assistance.

Also, take note, the caregiver may even assist with light housekeeping for seniors, older adults and anyone requiring home care for daily activities.

Companionship care is available in many forms. Older adults searching for a live in companion or relatives looking for a private companion for elderly loved ones will all benefit from caregivers we find for their unique situation.

The caregivers we connect you with can cater to each individual’s hours and preferences. Companionship services or home care aide services for anyone seeking a companion may make all the difference in your loved one’s life.

Spending time with a caregiver instead of spending the day alone inspires optimism and encourages the performance of daily activities in the comfort of one’s home.

What can I expect from a personal care assistant?


Personal care workers, also known as caregivers, personal attendants, homemakers or companions, are very special people.

They dedicate their working lives to assisting with the daily tasks of older adults, injured veterans, mentally impaired, chronically ill or physically challenged clients, whether in their own homes, in hospice or within residential care facilities.

Caregivers’ roles are incredibly diverse and center around providing physical and emotional support for their clients to encourage and to help them live happy, fulfilled and independent lives.


Get the Best senior companionship care Assistance for Your Elderly Parent.

As we all know, there’s nothing more important than your parents, and we want to ensure we do everything we can to support them as they grow older. We want to simplify the process of finding the best solutions that will fit into your family’s budget. Help your elderly parents with a little extra support. Our elderly companion services provide in-home help for older adults and caregivers, relieving them from mundane tasks while caring for their loved ones.

Whether you’re coming back from work or running errands, you can rest assured that your parents are properly taken care of and in good hands with senior companionship care service —whether at home around the house or while out on an excursion. Finding HomeCare provides real-time, on-demand companionship services for seniors that make it simple to take care of your elderly parent and save on costly round-the-clock supervision.

We partner with seniors and their families to plan a roadmap for a safe and secure future. Finding HomeCare offers private companions for elderly adults who need assistance with everyday tasks. We’re trained professionals who take care of things so you can focus on what’s important to you.

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The Best companionship homecare in the San Diego

Our caregivers provide companionship and attention that will ensure your loved ones feel less lonely and more connected. Our caregivers can provide companionship for seniors in many different capacities to ensure they receive the right care.

We are committed to providing a compassionate private companion for elderly parents that gives you peace of mind while you’re at work, out with the kids, or enjoying time with your friends. Our clients are family to us, and we provide personalized service tailored to their needs in the comfort of home. We help our clients live independently in the familiar surroundings of their own homes for as long as possible. Our caregivers assist your elderly parent who needs daily assistance in grooming, dressing, bathing, preparing meals, and medications.

Seniors live-in companion for elderly

Our independent elderly parents may sometimes need assistance with certain activities in day-to-day life. Our compassionate caregivers provide round-the-clock care, companionship homecare, and assistance with practical activities of daily living. Our independent, live-in companion for elderly works hard to support seniors’ independence, dignity, and choice in their own way of living. Whether it’s a friendly conversation or a little help with grooming, our companion services offer the physical and mental benefits that improve well-being for seniors in their own homes.


Companionship is highly beneficial to the elderly. Companions help with housework and care for the ill and older individuals. It enhances one’s mental and physical health, builds new routines, and improves one’s overall quality of life.

Overnight care is when a caregiver stays with patient nighttime to help them keep up with the regular schedule. Patients get access to skilled specialists overnight to assist even the most challenging task; support needs do not finish at the end of the working day; it’s a 24/7 responsibility.

The prices are frequently set on a regular basis, including allowances made for time off for lunches. The regular charge for most home care services typically varies from $200 to $350 each day.

Are You Looking For A Trusted Senior Companionship Care Assistance For Your Elderly Parent?

We at Finding Homecare provide Companionship Care services in the San Diego. If you are looking for companion for elderly parents, contact us today.

Caregiver Placement

Here at Finding HomeCare we Carefully Screened and Vetted Caregiver Referral Service

We were  created to encompass the success of previous caregiving services.

There is tremendous demand for providing a service that includes vetting and screening CNA’s and caregivers.

Finding HomeCare LLC prides itself on matching the right caregiver to the right family member.

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