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We understand the sensitive nature of toileting and incontinence care for our clients. Without proper help, seniors may face many issues. These may include skin infections, unpleasant odors, and general hygiene problems.  

Incontinence, which may be a part of Alzheimer’s and dementia, is sometimes caused by the inability to perceive the need to use the restroom, and optionally, incontinence may be a side effect of certain medicines. Caregiver pairings for incontinence care must have a strong focus on personality and the ability to respond in such a way so the incontinent person maintains a strong sense of dignity.

The selection of specially trained caregivers who Finding HomeCare matches with these clients will provide the incontinence home care needed. The caregivers may help with incontinence supplies for seniors and are trained specifically for incontinent patients.

These caregivers improve the quality of life for incontinent patients and provide some respite for families.

Incontinence Home Care for Seniors in San Diego

There was a time when it was not socially acceptable to discuss such issues as incontinence, bedwetting, and colostomy bags. However, the times have changed; we now live in an age where more and more people are experiencing these problems, and therefore it is becoming the norm to talk openly about them. We believe that incontinence care should be given the same thought and attention as any other area of hygiene. This is the reason we have developed a wide range of high-quality incontinence services for both men and women.

Many people are living with the problem of incontinence. Even those who don’t experience it personally can be affected as they look after their aging parent. We rarely talk about it as a society, and as such, it is often misunderstood, ignored, or relegated to just a natural part of getting older. We also provide a 24-hour incontinence care service where clients can speak to a senior care specialist to answer questions, schedule a no-obligation consultation and make an incontinence homecare plan.

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Get The Best Incontinence Care For Your Aging Loved One in San Diego CA

Caring for an elderly loved one who suffers from this embarrassing condition can be difficult and stressful. Luckily, there is a trusted homecare company that helps seniors feel more confident and secure: Finding Homecare. At Finding Homecare, we aim to provide services that promote self-confidence for senior women and men who may have been too embarrassed to deal with incontinence.

If your loved one experiences the effects of incontinence and you’re constantly changing their clothes and bedding, then our Adult Incontinence Care will be a welcome addition to your home. We at Finding Homecare can help you with all your incontinence needs. Our expert nurses are on hand to offer you the support and advice you need, along with high-quality products and services at affordable rates.

Why It’s Important To Address Incontinence Help For Elderly?

If you or your loved ones have incontinence and need a caregiver, Finding Homecare is here to assist. We have a network of caregivers available locally who are specialists in incontinence care for the elderly. Our specialists can help you learn ways to cope with incontinence, provide the incontinence supplies for seniors needed, and will work to ensure that your needs are being met daily. We pride ourselves on our dedication to providing quality home care and caring for the seniors in our communities.


Coffee, alcohol, and acidic meals are all bladder irritants. Consume extra fiber to avoid constipation, which is a source of urine incontinence. Avoid smoking; in fact, get rid of it.

Many persons with urine incontinence avoid consuming water because they believe it would aggravate their condition. But, reducing your water intake worsens incontinence since it limits the capacity of your bladder. Constipation could also be worsened or caused by not drinking enough fluids.

If incontinence is not adequately handled, the individual may experience emotionally sick, feelings of loneliness, depending on others, lack of freedom, and may even struggle with their body image.

Are You Looking For A Trusted Incontinence Care Services For Your Aging Loved One?

Finding Homecare provides incontinence care for the elderly in the San Diego. If you are looking for incontinence home care for your elderly parent, contact us today.