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Severe and sudden headaches are the first sign of stroke in humans without any visible reason. Quick actions and fast treatment can reduce the damage to the brain during stroke. When you are aware of early signs of stroke and what you have to do in that situation, you can save a life even if it happens to you.

Early signs of a sudden stroke may include several quick changes in the body. In addition, the sudden difficulty in operating several organs is a sure sign of stroke. Every hospital provides emergency help to stroke patients.

If you live in San Diego and experience any stroke situation with your family member or yourself, you should immediately call the stroke care service in San Diego. However, calling 911 is the ultimate way to help in this regard.

Immediate signs

The body goes from sudden changes during the stroke. Keep in mind that panic and anxiety can deteriorate the situation. Keep yourself aware of the primary signs of a stroke and what you have to do when experiencing any.

Your immediate and appropriate help can be life-saving for the patient. Stroke can cause disability of the body for the whole if its treatment is not provided on time or the sufferer does not handle it appropriately.

Handling the situation can be a breathtaking task, so keep calm if you notice any stroke sign in your family or friends. It would be best to remember that any carelessness can be dangerous for the patient and cause hazardous results. Some of the symptoms are:

  • There is sudden weakness on one side of the body precisely, numbness in the left or right arm, face, or legs. The person cannot balance his body and cannot walk normally.
  • Trouble in speaking, understanding the words, and confusion suddenly.
  • Losing vision, trouble in seeing from one or both of the eyes all of a sudden
  • Loss of coordination, sudden trouble balancing your actions, dizziness, or difficulty walking.
  • With no valid reason, a sudden headache.

On experiencing any of these signs, do not try to take any step other than calling the stroke care service in San Diego.

What causes a stroke?

Blocked arteries or leaking of blood vessels are two leading causes of a stroke to anybody. Another reason involves the brain’s blood flow disturbance and does not cause any long-lasting symptoms.

The causes of a stroke can be various. It may be a person’s lifestyle or physical or medical history that may lead to a stroke. Many other medical conditions such as blood pressure, cholesterol, or diabetes may also be a reason for stroke.

Ischemic stroke is the typical type of stroke caused by the blockage in blood vessels due to fatty deposits in blood vessels or debris flowing in the bloodstream. When a blood vessel ruptures or leaks in the brain, it causes a hemorrhagic stroke. 

The causes of this type of stroke are: 

  • An uncontrolled high pressure of blood.
  • Getting abnormal or over treatment for thinning the blood, which is anticoagulants.
  • There are some weak spots in the blood vessels. Bulges in these spots may also lead to stroke.
  • Any accidental injury to the brain, such as trauma due to a car accident.
  • Deposits of protein in the walls of blood vessels cause weakness in the walls and ultimately lead to stroke. 
  • An abnormal lifestyle may also lead to severe stroke or heart disease. So, again, Overweighting is a significant factor in this regard.
  • Inactivity and binge drinking may also lead to stroke or other significant issues for your health.
  • In addition to these imbalances in cholesterol levels, diabetes, COVID-19, or family history of stroke can become the cause of stroke.
  • Whatever the cause is, when you are in a situation, even if it happens to yourself, immediately contact the stroke care service in San Diego. They will bring the patient to the emergency and provide immediate help. 

Moreover, you should ask about the type of cause and treatment of the stroke to prepare yourself.


Symptoms of a stroke

Suppose you are with any person who seems to bear stroke and want to analyze some of the acute symptoms. Signs help to examine whether the person in your family or yourself is suffering from a stroke or something else.

Keep these symptoms and ways to verify the stroke and do the immediate actions according to the situation. Moreover, if you are suffering from a stroke, unfortunately, immediately call the emergency stroke service in San Diego.

Do not wait for anything as each minute can cause severe and lifetime damage to your body Experts of medicine use the acronym FAST to analyze the stroke.

  • FAST means face, Arms, Speech, Time. Each aspect provides indications that verify the existence of stroke. There are specific movements for each of these that should be adapted. Details of these are here:
  • Face: To check that ask the person to smile, analyze if their face droops or they either understand your words or not 
  • Arms: Ask the person to raise both of their arms. If one of them sags or drops abruptly, a stroke occurs in the brain.
  • Speech: Ask the person to say a complete phrase or sentence. Check the clarity of the speech and if their tongue slips while talking.
  • Time: Every second of the time counts for the sufferer of stroke. Immediately call 911 or the stroke care service in San Diego.

Stroke care service in San Diego

You can call 911 in a stroke emergency. In addition to this, you can simply call stroke care service in San Diego. Some popular service providers are:

You can search online, and they will bring patients to the hospital and provide emergency services. Get the details of the type of stroke, its cause, and what treatment is required for your patient. This will help you to prepare yourself and the patient for the treatment.

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