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Making Home Care in San Diego Special.

Finding HomeCare: Caregiver Placement Service You’ll Be Proud Of…

When it comes to the care of your loved ones, you deserve more than just care; you deserve someone qualified and someone caring who’s paying attention to your needs. I’m Lindsay Polis, your heart’s guardian, your financial savior, and your gateway to quality care that defies expectations. Don’t put your loved ones off in the statistics somewhere where they can get abused or ignored when they need help. We don’t half step love. We treat your loved ones like they were our own and we match them with a home care aid in San Diego that is vetted and hand-picked perfectly to fit every facet of your loved ones needs. 

With a Facebook group of over 7,000 vetted caregivers, half of which are right here in the state of California, we can save you tens of thousands in homecare costs every year by matching you with the perfect caregiver and letting you pay them directly. If you or your loved one needs homecare, fill out the form to your right and let’s talk. Your family, your finances, and your peace of mind will thank you for this one!

Yvonne Ramge
Yvonne Ramge
Lindsay has been great with guiding me through the process on how to get my parents in home help through the VA!
Eric Brister
Eric Brister
Me and my wife were forced to catch a reality check when my mom had a severe stroke that crippled the whole left side of her body. Neither one of us knew how to work with a stroke patient. On top of that, Medicare only approved 8 hours a day of help and I was at work for 12 hours a day, my wife was worse because her job was out of town. Lindsay worked with us and got our home health care cost cut so low that we can manage it. It was the difference between like $25 an hour and like $65 an hour that the agency was trying to charge us. This made a big difference because it was manageable and we didn’t have to put my mother in a nursing home which was her worst fear! I recommend Lindsay in the highest to anyone that’s looking for home health Care in Anaheim, San Diego, or anywhere in california. She’s got a ton of connections and she’ll get the job done right because she cares! Thanks Lindsay! You’re a lifesaver!
Phoenix Elder
Phoenix Elder
Lindsey is very caring and committed to her clients.
Shirelle Gilliam
Shirelle Gilliam
Finding Homecare is a definite, Yes, and i highly recommend using this service. I was extremely impressed with Lindsay, who showed compassion and acted quickly, going above and beyond to make sure I could be at peace with having my loved one at home. Lindsey and her experienced, professional, and dedicated team of healthcare professionals stepped in to help me with my husband’s complicated home care needs. I can’t say enough good things right now. I will go as far to say that I was blessed with a band of angels who came during my trying, crying time to provide comfort and care for both of us. May Lindsey and her ministry of help continue to be blessed and prosper.
benji polis
benji polis
Lindsay Polis is very hardworking a consistent
leticia cisneros
leticia cisneros
Lindsay is caring and knowledgeable as well as compassionate, I will work with Lindsay for a long time.
Rola Tannous
Rola Tannous
I like hi my name is Rola I’ve known Lindsay for a while. She comes in to my spot. I would highly recommend her business fighting home care she’s empathetic and caring has a huge following on Facebook and wonderful references. If you have a loved one in need of care, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with her. She is a one if a kind business woman! Extremely highly recommended!!
Alice Schroeder
Alice Schroeder
I contacted Lindsay for a caregiver to stay with me for a couple days after surgery. She was very responsive and found someone right away. Bernice was terrific! She provided great post-op care, went shopping, made meals, took me to appointments and was there for moral support. I highly recommend Lindsay!

Finding HomeCare LLC provides a customized service that is tailored to families’ needs.

Lindsay Polis - Profile & Credentials

I have over ten years of experience in taking care of patients with illnesses such as:  Multiple Sclerosis, Muscular Dystrophy, Cancer, Dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. I bring something you rarely find in an agency… And that is first-hand experience and the right heart to back it. I hope you call me. I hate to see you in anyone else’s hands, because I know I’m the best person for the needs of both you and your family. My public Facebook group, CNA’s and Caregivers is an amazing network of 7k+ active members in California, mainly composed of employers and caregivers within the healthcare ecosystem.

Finding HomeCare was meant to be for me. An inevitable purpose that came from my years of caregiving services.  What else could you do with a heart that LOVES to help people, the connections to play matchmaker, and the knowledge that you just happen to be perfectly placed to save your fellow Bay Area neighbors TONS of money and help them make one of the most important and meaningful decisions of their life. At Finding HomeCare, we specialize in vetting and screening CNA’s and caregivers. When I get a new client, whether they call in or I get a referral, I kick into mommy-mode. I want to take them in and make sure everything goes perfect for them and . Finding HomeCare LLC prides itself on matching the right caregiver to the right family member.  My How are you services include the following:

  • Searching for caregivers
  • Matching qualifications
  • CPR & CNA license
  • Reviewing background checks
  • COVID-19 vaccination proof
  • Providing a reference

What Can Finding HomeCare Do For You?

Specialized One-on-One Care.

On your consultation, you’ll discuss you or your loved one’s ADL’s,  or Activities of Daily Living, helps Lindsay determine the necessary support needed and plan of action. This includes self-care tasks such as personal hygiene, doctor’s appointments, med reminders, grooming, bathing, showering, getting dressed, going to the bathroom, and more!

Vetted and Hand-Picked Caregivers

I work hard to find you a match that is specialized in the areas of care that matter most. We don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to the care of yourself or your loved ones. It’s our job to match you with a caregiver that is not just qualified, but one that matches your unique needs physically and emotionally, so you or your loved ones receive the care they need.

Tremendous Savings and Peace of Mind.

Let’s be honest. It’s expensive here in San Diego. Home care in San Diego can cost If you can trust me to be your caregiver, why not save some money in the process? When we agree on a match, you save up to $7,300 per month compared to agency prices, just by paying direct. Imagine the peace of mind knowing you just slashed your home care bills at least in half, AND found someone that really will CARE for your loved one.

Why Should You Choose Finding HomeCare?

Finding HomeCare provides the following when searching for a caregiver/caregiving service in California. We only charge a reasonable fee for the referrals provided, and we not only verify each caregiver/CNA certificate, but also verify that everything is up to date—AND ensure you have the best candidate!

Stress Free Search

I will help you find a qualified caregiver so you can avoid the hassle of a lengthy search. Having been a caregiver myself, I know how important it is to keep you updated through the recruitment search process. I will share suitable candidates with you, negotiate fees and finally dispense the best fit candidate for your service.

Background Checks

Before referring a qualified caregiver for your service, I ensure that they have been finger-printed to run a background check, they are fully vaccinated, and they have at least one reference from past employers. All you need to do is interview them! If they don’t meet your needs, I will send another candidate for your review.

No Hassles

I collect the required necessary documents from caregivers so you don't have to lift a finger. Included in these documents are a background check via live scan or an HCA ID, two past employer references, Covid vaccine status, CPR certification and more.

Documentation & Formalities

Once you find your desired caregiver, you receive all the documents and requirements of the CNA / caregiver with my support and assistance. After that, both parties will sign a waiver releasing me from any liability, and you will begin your journey together.

Finding The Right Home Care in San Diego is One of the Most Important Decisions You Will Ever Face.

Let’s make it one you’re proud of!

Searching for a right caregiver is complex, time-consuming and stressful! I created this caregiving platform to empower care seekers and to simplify the search process. By using my network and direct communication, I can help you find a suitable caregiver based on your support and assistance needs.

The caregivers listed on Finding HomeCare are those that I personally recruited and handpicked, and they have been vetted based on their care quality, home culture and ethical practices. Still, a comprehensive background check, references check, vaccination certificate and more are all screened beforehand.

Support & Services

We will pair YOU with caregivers who provide services including, but not limited to:

Residential Home Care

Nursing Home Care

Cancer Home Care

Stroke Care

Personal Care

Companionship Care

How We Work

Personalize Search

Contact Lindsay with your care needs and budget, and Finding HomeCare LLC will help you find a suitable caregiver.

Compare Services

We provide you with all of the necessary information, but you may also explore other caregiving resources. Take a look at our blog for more helpful information.

Meticulous Screening

Direct communication with the caregivers allows Lindsay to hire responsible and trustworthy caregivers with the right personality and professional traits.

Request an Interview

Families can also request a resume of their chosen caregiver as well as a free consultation with Lindsay to better understand care requirements.​

Feel Confident

Once you’ve found your perfect match, Lindsay will personally support you through the rest of the process.

Hiring through Finding Homecare LLC

Other Homecare agency

I do all the leg work for familes agency memory cares RCFE
LEG Work 100%
I do all the vetting background checks .live scan , HCA, vaccinations, skill set, professional references
back ground check 100%
I charge only a one time fee to families, agencies, memory care and RCFE not ongoing. like an agency
Ont Time Fee 100%
I save people an average of 20.00 per hour ongoing when they use my service because of my one time fee
Saving Money 99%
I have no overhead except liability insurance
Liablity Insurance 91%
I am a matchmaker, and I send somebody in the exact skill set for their loved ones on it
Matchmaker 91%
LEG Work 100%
Background Check 100%
Agecies charge anywhere from 25-45 an hour to utilize their caregivers
One Time Fee 29%
agecies charge anywhere from 25-45 an hour to utilize their caregivers
Saving Money 16%
agencies have to charge more because there overhead is very high
Liablity Insrurance 36%
send a person a warm body
Warm Body 36%