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Having a strong social media presence has become crucial for every industry, including caregiving. So, either you want to reach out your target audience or to hire best caregivers, a strong social media platform has become a must. Facebook and Instagram have found to be the most popular social media platforms among caregivers for seeking job opportunities.

In recent years, social media has turned out to be an effective place for caregiver recruitment. By posting right content on your social media platform, you can attract and engage the best talent within the home caregiving industry. In this blog post, we have gathered information that will help you understanding how caregivers are using social media for recruitment.

What Are the Most Used Social Media Platforms for Recruiting Caregivers?

While social media began as a platform to socialize and have fun; it has now become a very valuable platform for businesses for recruiting talent, reaching out their audience and also for conducting background check on their employees. Instagram and Facebook also offer comprehensive data analytics and tools to facilitate businesses to in attaining success through these platforms. When it comes to caregiving industry, about 69% of caregivers in a survey agreed to check out social media handles of caregiving agencies to look for job opportunities. Common ways that are being used by caregiving agencies nowadays to interact and engage with caregivers include the following;

  • Using content to educate them.
  • Posting content that increase awareness among caregivers and play a part in educating them.
  • Posting job ads for vacant positions.
  • Reminding caregivers to feel for their work culture, mission and job responsibilities.

Caregivers Are Using Facebook for Seeking Job Opportunities

We all know that Facebook is constantly making efforts and feature enhancements to encourage effective business advertising over its platforms. Presently, there are over 90 million small business that are using Facebook business accounts. In a survey, Statista reveals that there are more than 1.8 billion active Facebook users; and this numbers also include thousands of caregivers too, that are using Facebook for seeking new and better opportunities in healthcare industry.

Caregiving agencies are also using Facebook business account to provide as much details as possible about their business, their service areas and available job opportunities.

Caregivers Are Using Instagram for Seeking Job Opportunities

Instagram has a reputation for being a lifestyle platform. That’s an important concept to keep in mind as you set up your Instagram business page. Design your pages so they reflect your home care agency’s culture and mission.

When it comes to Instagram, it has become a social media platform for lifestyle. People are using Instagram for almost everything; and this is the reason why businesses are also using Instagram for their targeted audience. Not only this, but people are also seeking job opportunities there, as business are posting job ads more frequently on their Instagram handles.

Caregivers are likewise using Instagram to look for potential caregiving job opportunities here. Instagram currently has over billion active users, which must include of profiles of countless caregivers. Caregiving agencies regularly post job ads on their Instagram posts and stories to hire professional caregivers.

How to Find Caregiving Job Opportunities Effectively?

I offer you some of my most valuable tips for posting effective content. Keep in mind that your content needs to be engaging, interesting and relevant. Here are some ideas on what content to post to get meaningful results:

When looking for caregiving job opportunities on social media, try looking for the content that is effective and engaging. Make sure that people only find job opportunities attractive, when their ad post content is interesting, relevant and engaging. A good caregiving job post addresses the following;

  • Pictures showing staff providing love and compassionate care to the patients.
  • Picture of caregiving facilities.
  • Video diaries of your employed caregivers describing what makes them love their job and working at the agency.
  • Blogs and posts to attract best caregiving talent.
  • Spotlight on employees’ bio.
  • Written or video testimonials from clients and their families.
  • Career tips and promising trainings.

What Caregivers Consider In Job Posts On Social Media?

When using Instagram or Facebook for job posts, caregivers find job post attractive if they are fairly simple in design and include all the essential information like;

  • Job Title.
  • Job Description.
  • Link to the job ad posting.
  • Active link to the job application (Apply Here Option).

Facebook Is Really Playing Its Part!

I recommend taking the Facebook Blueprint training to learn about the most effective metrics to track and how to improve optimization. Also, consider setting up a Facebook pixel on your website so you can track people who click on your posts and visit your website.

One of the most valuable advice and recommendation I want to share for taking advantage of social media when seeking caregiving job opportunities is to get familiar with the social media platform first, and try searching for jobs while keeping your geographical location in consideration. Caregiving agencies on the other hand should learn to effectively use Facebook Ad Manager. In fact, it would be great if caregiving agencies can get their hands on Facebook Blueprint Training to learn about metrics and tools that can help in tracking response while improving optimization.

Social media is really playing its part in connecting healthcare service providers, professionals and families with caregiving needs together. For instance, Facebook has recently partnered with a health-tech care concierge firm named ‘Wellthy’ which aims to connect employees and families with a care coordinator to facilitates them managing and coordinating care for their loved ones that are aging, have chronic illness, dependency or disabilities, by using an online platform. Care coordinators at Wellthy are helping these people with a number of tasks, including contesting insurance bills, making appointments or finding a long-term care facility and caregivers.

So, for final thought, we can say that social media, especially Facebook and Instagram are well-performing in promoting caregiving agencies and hiring professional caregivers. Social media content can be used by both caregivers and caregiving agencies to find the best match. You never know your next caregiving job, or the next caregiver for your agency could be found through social media platforms.