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Dementia Care

Do you think that a friend, family member or loved one might be suffering from dementia? If so they could be in need of dementia home care support to obtain normalcy and ensure that they maintain the best quality of life possible.

Dementia nursing care at home may be especially helpful in all types and stages of dementia. Since there are unique challenges facing dementia patients, Finding HomeCare helps and supports in a variety of ways. Caregiver services may be tailored to your loved one’s dementia diagnosis and should sometimes be customized to assist your loved one with their established routines. In-home dementia care combines the personal care assistance, companionship and monitoring needed for dementia patients with the extensive care one would receive in an institutional community. The amount of care and dementia support can be personalized for each individual’s needs and may cost substantially less than institutional care.

How do you care for your loved one with dementia at home?


Living with dementia is not the end; it’s the beginning of a new journey – for everyone in your family. Our specialist Dementia Care Home services are designed to support you throughout this time, making sure that your loved one can enjoy each day in their own home with you.


With expert care, guidance, and dementia support from our dedicated teams, your loved one will be comfortable, safe, and well-supported in familiar surroundings. With best-practice daily routines, tailored support plans, and an award-winning approach to dementia care, you can rest assured that your loved one is in safe hands.


Interacting with people who are familiar, like family members or friends, can help with dementia care. Our trained, compassionate dementia nursing care specialists work to make things feel as normal as possible for your loved one. They encourage positive interactions through games, music, and conversation to help manage behavioral challenges. And dementia help maintain familiar routines, including favorite activities and mealtimes.

Keeping Your Loved One Happy and Healthy 


Finding HomeCare is committed to providing memory care services designed to comfort, stimulate, and inspire the individuals living with the effects of dementia in San Diego. Our dementia care service offers an array of activities that assist our residents in enjoying their lives by helping them maintain some sense of autonomy and independence. This dementia care service approach enables our clients to maintain a high level of self-esteem, self-worth, and dignity while pursuing activities they choose.

Our full range of Dementia Care services,

Dementia is a progressive
neurodegenerative condition that diminishes an individual’s ability to carry
out everyday tasks. As the condition advances, it impacts all aspects of life,
including socializing with family and friends, communicating effectively with
others, and the ability to drive or maintain personal hygiene. With a modular
approach and home-like environment and care, dementia help family and loved
ones provide superior living and nurturing for their aging loved ones in the
comfort of their own homes.

Along with a full range of
Dementia Care services, we’ll work closely with you to implement a personalized
plan that addresses your loved one’s unique needs and preferences. We
understand that caring for a person with dementia requires specialized
knowledge and skills, and your dedicated In-Home Dementia Specialist will be
there every step of the way.

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When someone reaches this point of dementia, they must not be left alone. They must need dementia nursing care support. Even individuals with mild signs of dementia must not be left alone if they show restless, frightened, or violent behavior. 

Schedule and familiarity are extremely important to people who have dementia! These undesirable behaviors, such as aggressiveness, impatience, and irritability, can be reduced with everyday routine. As a result, the dementia caregiver would be less stressed and capable of providing special care.

Behavioral abnormalities, particularly during the latter stages of the dementia process, characterize dementia. The most common disorders are frustration, aggressiveness, mental instability, hallucinations, difficulty sleeping, including nighttime, incontinence, and (stereotypical) different voices or noises.

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